Last year was truly a great year for fashion. 2016 saw some comeback of classic/old fashion trends like thigh-high boots and overalls. It also witnessed some unique trends like adding pins and patches to jackets and backpack to create a unique look. Now that it is 2017, the question that is running through everyone’s mind is what’s in this year.

Top 10 women fashion of 2017

Are trends of last year still making waves? Is 80s style really in this year? What are the unique fashion trends of 2017 that are turning heads? Well, to answer these very questions, here is a list of the top 10 women fashion of 2017 that are rocking the runways and also the streets:

10. HaoDuoYi Womens Casual Long Sleeve Boyfriend Shirt Dress

2016 was all about T-shirt dress, and 2017 is about Shirt dress. The reason why this dress became a trend in 2017 will have to be for the fact that it is simple and classy which be layered with different accessories to dress it up and down as well. This boyfriend-styled shirt dress comes in different colors and can make anyone feel sexy.

9. High Waisted Knee Slit Skinny Jeans

Plain and simple fitted jeans are boring, while distressed jeans are currently a very common/overused trend. So, it is not a surprise that this black split keen pair of jeans are a part of everyone’s 2017 wardrobe. This pair fits well on any shape as they are made with stretchable materials and this is also another reason behind its sudden popularity.

8. Refresh Women Leatherette Lace Up Oxford Chunky Heel Bootie

Few years ago oxford shoes and booties were a must-have which was replaced by high-high boosts and box heels. 2017 bought back these two trend but with a twist. After seeing on different celebrities, this Oxford Chunky Heel Booties slowly and gradually became a trend to follow.

7. Fashion Black Women’s Boho Thin Long Shawl Chiffon Cardigan

The concept of long Shawl in Chic-Boho fashion started few years ago, and every year a variant of this design spreads like wildfire. So, the fact that this chiffon cardigan with lace details is trending right was expected. They can transform a look in an instant. This one comes in both white and black, making them perfect for layering during the summer and spring time.

6. VERO MONTE 4 Pairs Women’s Hollow Out Fishnet Pantyhose Tights

This one is truly a unique trend of this year which was made famous by vine/youtube stars and other celebrities. With a crop top and distressed low waist jeans, many women started to wear this fishnet stocking under it but with the full intention of showing the stockings off around the waist area and through the holes/slits in the jeans. A truly aesthetic look which everyone needs to try.

5 Chouyatou Women’s Double Waist Side Buttons Pleated Skirt

Last year was all about loud patterns, neon color and floral printed skirts, but 2017 is the year of elegant and simple khaki skirt. Minimalistic fashion is becoming more and more popular nowadays, and this very skirt plays a great role in presenting this trend. This skirt is definitely one of those fashion pieces that will never go out of style.

4. Women’s Satin Flower Evening Clutch Pearl Beaded Evening Handbag

Last year it was about casual backpacks, but this year is about standing out with this satin flower clutch. The design alone is enough to convince anyone why this one is the latest buzz in the women’s fashion world. The 3D flower and pearl details is truly beautiful and gives off a very feminine vibe perfect for dates and special occasions.

3. Adidas Originals Women’s Boyfriend Trefoil T-Shirt

Every year a vintage fashion trend makes a comeback and this year it is the Logo T-shirt. A simple baggy/boyfriend T-shirt with nothing but the logo of the company was bought back to life by many “tumblr” users. But whatever you do, just do not pair it with comfy sweats or slim fitted jeans. The trend is to wear this T-shirt with regular fit jeans or mom-jeans like the good old days.

2. Wink Gal Women’s Embroidered Floral Printed Strappy Bralette

You cannot get more 2017 than this! This out-of-this-world gorgeous strappy bralette is a must have for sure. This bralette is worn with round neck t-shirt and/or mesh and sheer tops and crop tops in order to flaunt it.

1. Dollger One Piece Transparent Tinted Rimless Cat Eye Sunglasses

To end the list, this is the perfect candidate. Gone are the days of round sunglasses and wayfarers for 2017 is the year of eye eye shaped tinted sunglasses. From pink to blue to green to red, the choices of colors are many and finding a color you like in this sunglass design will not be hard.

There you have it, 10 of the top women fashion items that are going to be the talk of the town for the whole of 2017. What are waiting for? Buy them all, pair them well with the right accessories and get ready for all the compliments!

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